Herbert Leal

Kort om mig:
Fine Art Fotografi

I am a fine art nature amateur photographer, I began my journey in the year 2005 in the town Falsterbo, Sweden, I have allways been facinated of the majestic nature here, I usualy  walk  hours on the beach and meditate and by doing that i become one with nature, sudenly I get a spark of inspiration and start shooting fotos,  I love to spend time outdoors, and to share the brilliance, beauty, and fragility of the natural world through  my work.

A new mindful feeling, to make that  conection with nature closer;  each person will feel a diferent feeling and will in most cases bring  an internal Peace, this is my way to express my greatest respect to mother nature, My vision is to catch that mindful moment and transform it into a beautiful, expressive photografy that you will treasure forever.